Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Definitely a Treat

Well, it was a unanimous vote! Our kids both agreed that Halloween was a treat!

Sunday was the first time our children went out trick-or-treating. We tried last year, but they weren't quite up to it; our daughter was much more excited about watching the other kids who came knocking on our door, while our son warily poked his head out from behind our legs. But this year was a different story.

We dressed them in their Boohbah costumes, left Grandpa (and his ALF mask) manning the candy bowl, and struck out across the neighborhood. They had a great time, rang doorbells, shouted "Trick or treat!" (alright, they didn't exactly shout - they were a bit timid... at first) and collected a small mountain of candy (which Mommy and Daddy will have to ration out over the coming days so they don't overdose on sugar).

After walking around the block we headed back home where they excitedly told Grandpa about their adventures. The rest of the evening they shrieked with delight every time the bell rang and raced to the door to greet the other neighborhood trick-or-treaters. A short time later, after dinner and a bath, we tucked them into bed for the night. As they snuggled down under the covers, the smiles were still on their faces.

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