Monday, October 18, 2004

Who Wants to Lick the Beaters?

Our kids are big helpers. Really! They love to help out around the house. They're 2 and 4 years old, so for the moment their enthusiasm for helping Mommy and Daddy usually exceeds their abilities (a situation that I am guessing will reverse once they become teenagers), but they do try. They are particularly fond of helping out in the kitchen, especially baking. Cakes and brownies are some of their favorites.

So, a few nights ago they were begging to bake a cake, and, old softy (with a sweet tooth) that I am, I agreed. We got out the mixing bowls and measuring cups, plugged in the mixer and set to it. They took turns pouring the various ingredients into the bowl with much delight, and once they were done I did my part and mixed up the batter (running electric kitchen appliances is still a job for us parents). They looked on in great anticipation as I finished, waiting eagerly for me to utter that magic question, "Who wants to lick the beaters?"

Nowadays, it occurs to me that licking raw cake batter off a beater is kind of gross, but when I was their age I'm sure it was the coolest thing. I suppose it's a bit of a reward to them for helping out. My reward is just watching their faces, seeing that look of sheer joy and satisfaction, as they take that last lick. And, of course, we all get to eat a piece of piping-hot cake 40 minutes later!

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