Friday, October 15, 2004

I Love the Smell of Play-Doh in the Morning!

The kids and I had a fun-filled day yesterday....

We saw Mommy off to work, cleared the dining room table of the breakfast remains, and broke out the Play-Doh. I had been a bit reluctant to introduce our children to this moldable goodness. My primary fear being that little bits of the colored clay would find their way into our carpet and get mashed down into the fibers by unsuspecting little feet. Then those innocent little bits would proceed to dry and harden into rock, giving our wall-to-wall a permanent technicolor look, not to mention a rather crunchy feel.

Maybe she thought the kids were old enough to be careful of the carpet, or maybe, looking at the current state of the carpeting, she figured a bit of Play-Doh couldn't really make it much worse, but whatever the reason a week or so ago my wife came home with a bunch of those little cardboard canisters of the stuff and now the genie is out of the bottle, so to speak. The kids loved it! And I felt a bit bad about depriving them of this source of fun for so long.

So, anyway, we sat down at the dining room table yesterday morning and popped open those cans to see what we could create. You know what brought back a lot of my own childhood memories? The smell! I had forgotten all about it, but Play-Doh has a very distinctive smell. As I watched the kids squishing it between their fingers, shaping it into doughnuts, elephants and snakes, giggling all the while, I remembered my siblings and I sitting around the kitchen table having just as much fun, doing exactly the same thing so many years ago.

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