Thursday, September 16, 2004

Where in the World are Grandma and Grandpa?

My in-law's continue their odyssey as hurricane refugees. Last I heard from them, there were reports of major damage in Okaloosa County, but they had not yet learned if their home sustained any damage itself. Nearby Eglin Air Force Base, which was evacuated and remains closed to most personnel, was planning to launch helicopter survey teams this afternoon to make an aerial assessment of damage in the area (according to news sources). The government had instituted a curfew in the area and was asking people to stay in their homes and off the roads if possible.

With major roadways in the area of their home impassable due to damage or debris (including two sections of I-10, east of Pensacola, that have been literally washed away), my wife's parents have decided to abandon their temporary hotel sanctuary in Mississippi and continue their westward journey. Their unexpected "vacation" is providing an excuse to visit family outside Dallas, where they hope to arrive this evening, I'm sure to the delight of the grandkids.

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