Friday, September 17, 2004

Remnants of Ivan

Well, the remnants of Hurricane Ivan have made it up here to our area. I just flipped on the news and they're reporting an "unprecedented" number of tornados just to the south and west of us here at Daliy Yak central. At least 7 funnel clouds on the ground as I type this. Make that 8. And there have been a number of others over the past hour or so.

Wow! Reminds me of when I lived in Michigan as a kid. We had frequent tornado warnings during the summer months. We even practiced taking cover with "tornado drills" in school (actually had a tornado tear past my school one afternoon while all the students huddled in the bathrooms), and my family spent a number of nights sleeping in the basement (which, as a kid, I thought was kind of fun). Of course, that was just a normal part of Michigan summers. Frequently, if the storms struck during the day, our neighbors would actually bring lawn chairs out into the street to watch the funnel clouds pass by (much to the amazement of my family, who had moved there from northeastern Pennsylvania and had never seen a tornado).

3 more tornado warnings just flashed on the screen!

Think I'll keep the radio on during dinner in case we need to take cover (they're reporting that we here in Montgomery County will be hit in the next 30-60 minutes). It's getting dark outside and I can hear thunder in the distance. It seems to be a very fast moving storm, so perhaps it'll all be over before bedtime.

It's incredible to me that this storm is still packing such a punch, even 1,000+ miles after it made landfall. Nature is amazing!

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