Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pass the Tissues

There's either something in the air he's allergic to, or our son has caught a cold. Or maybe a minor sinus infection (I seem to get those once or twice a year). He's not running a fever, and whatever it is doesn't seem to slow him down at all, but he does have a bit of a runny nose and seems to be sneezing a lot.

He's learned that he should use a tissue to wipe his nose (as opposed to his arm - his sister's preferred method), but he doesn't like to get it himself. When he feels the need, he just stops wherever he is and whatever he's doing, and yells, "Tissue!! Tissue!!" Then he waits for mommy or daddy to come to the rescue.

Usually, if I'm busy making dinner or something (blogging?) and have to ask him to get his own Kleenex, he will, but he frequently goes through a lot of tissues in the process. I'll come to check on him and he'll be sitting on the couch with a large mound of slightly moist tissues sitting next to him. Then he'll look up at me and proudly announce, "I did it myself!"

The sneezes are worse. He's got a good set of lungs on him, and a hard sneeze can send an amazing amount of snot (OK, that's a bit gross... how about...) mucus (that's not much better) shooting out his little nostrils. It can be quite messy, as I'm sure you can imagine, but it's also a bit embarrassing if we're out in public. There's my son with a huge goober hanging out his nose, nearly to his belly button, yelling "Tissue!! Tissue!!" while I fumble for a Kleenex in the diaper bag.

It's just not pretty, though at times it is a bit funny (at least to me... my wife would probably disagree).

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