Thursday, July 29, 2004

Too Much of a Good Thing

OK, one more post about our recent trip to Ohio.

We decided to celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday early, the day before we left.  The highlight of our birthday bash (such that it was), a trip to the nearby Richland Carrousel Park.  She loves merry-go-rounds, and the park has a wonderful, old-style, hand-carved, wooden carrousel (the first new one built in the US since the 1930s).

We arrived at the park with much excitement, and had to restrain the kids (to keep them from running across the street) once they caught sight of the carrousel.

We headed to the ticket counter and decided to buy the 50 ticket package.  You know, gotta take advantage of the volume discount.  And there were 5 of us, so that was only 10 rides apiece.

Our son was a bit unsure of riding on the horses as they moved up and down on the spinning carrousel deck, but after the first ride, our daughter's enthusiasm won him over.

However, by the 8th ride he was looking a bit green.  I think all the lights and movement and sound were becoming a bit much for him.  And I know I was definitely getting sick of the organ music (which constantly repeated the same two melodies over and over again).  We stuck it out and finished our rides.  When it was time to leave, our son rested his head on my shoulder and didn't say a word (he perked up a few minutes later when someone mentioned food, and we headed over to a restaurant for lunch).  Our daughter had a huge grin on her face, but there were no complaints.

So, if ever you find yourself with a 2.5 and 4 year old and the opportunity to ride an old fashioned carrousel, don't over do it.  8 rides is plenty, even if you don't get the discount.

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