Friday, July 16, 2004

Bueller? Bueller?

Been missing your daily dose of the Yak, haven't you?
Yes, yes.  I am still here, and fear not... the Daily Yak has not been abandoned.  I guess it's just that when the warm weather of summer rolls around there seems to be much more to do around the house (and elsewhere).  It does, however, appear that I am not the lone slacker out here in the blogosphere.  Dads on the Couch (err... I mean hammock) noted the dirth of blog postings back on June 28, and Rebel Dad observes that "this is the slow season for blogging."  So, there!  It's not just me!
The kids, wife and I just returned from a week long roadtrip to visit family in the soon-to-be-an-electoral-battleground state of Ohio.  And my daughter just celebrated her fourth birthday (man, time just flies...).  So, anyway, I will have a few posts posting soon on the recent happenings. 

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