Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The hazards of using a public restroom

While we were all out shopping the other day, I felt nature calling so I headed for the men's restroom. I took my daughter with me into the stall where she watched me intently. Now, as if it's not bad enough to have an audience while doing one's business, she proceeded to say, very matter-of-factly, "You have poopies, Daddy." Concentrating on the task at hand, I didn't respond immediately, so she repeated her observation with a bit more emphasis, "You have poopies, Daddy!" I was going to tell her that my bowel movements really need not be announced to the world, but I held my tongue. I'm sure the guy in the stall next to me had already heard enough.

Adding to my embarrassment, my wife then called me on my cell phone to see what was taking so long. She was waiting outside the restroom with my son. "Yeah, thanks hon, I was just hanging out in here admiring the decor. Be right out."

I finished as quickly as I could. As I left with my daughter, I swear I heard a chuckle from the neighboring stall. Glad I added a little humor to somebody's day.

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