Monday, April 26, 2004

Some Random Thoughts

I'm taking a shower this morning and I noticed that my shampoo has an expiration date. Funny. Does it go bad or something?

That reminded me of a tag line I saw at the bottom of an e-mail a while back: "Boycott shampoo - demand real poo!" Cracked me up. I told my wife about it. She just rolled her eyes. She seems to do that a lot.

My daughter put me in timeout. I was cleaning up some toys that were scattered about the floor, and I tossed a few into the corner across the room (the corner between our two sofas is basically the approved toy-dumping area). She scolded me with a "No Daddy! No throwing! You go have a timeout!" I guess she has been listening when I tell her not to throw things! And it serves me right. I should've been making her pick up her own toys anyway. :-)

My wife called me this morning from the Metro. She didn't intend to, I think she just forgot to put the key lock on and inadvertently pressed the speed dial button for my number while the cell phone was in her purse. I saw her number on my caller id and said, "Hello?" She didn't respond. But I could hear people talking in the background and the automated "Please stand clear of the doors!" as the train was getting ready to pull away. I hung up after a few seconds, but it would've been funny to stay on the line and listen in on her day at work. I wonder when she would have noticed? I really wouldn't eavesdrop on her, of course. Besides, it's not like I can hang around on the phone all day. I do have a couple kids and a house to take care of. And some blogging to do.

Google plans to offer "relevant" ads on it's new online e-mail system, Gmail. How do they make sure the ad is relevant to you? Their software will scan your e-mail messages for keywords, of course! That's just a little freaky, IMO. It's bad enough that John Ashcroft can read our e-mail.

On the other hand Gmail does offer 1GB of storage space. Hhmmmm. That would keep me from getting those annoying "you're about to run out of storage space and lose all your messages" messages. BTW, Google is offering Gmail to Blogger users for beta testing before the system is opened to the general public.

I wonder if real poo has an expiration date?

So, what have you been thinking about this morning?

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