Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hiya, folks!

We're back! I must say that while it was a wonderful trip, and it was great to see all our friends and relations, it's very nice to be home again. We arrived back at Daily Yak Central about 8:30pm last night and the kids wasted no time dumping a bunch of their toys out all over the family room floor. Finding toys and books lost for the past 10 days, they proceeded to run through the house, happily yelling and chasing each other. While they were busy reacquaintingng themselves with their home, DW? got their beds ready for the night and I started to unload the van (had to find where we packed their toothbrushes and pajamas).

Luckily (for DW? and I), the kids were worn out. The homecoming excitement wore off quickly, and they sleepily (if reluctantly) headed to bed without much fuss. We followed shortly thereafter, deciding the rest of the unpacking could wait until morning.

Now we've all had a good night's sleep, DW? is back at work, and the kids have had a wonderful morning playing and are now eating lunch. The van still isn't unpacked, so I better quit blogging and get to it. ;-)

I didn't post much during the trip, but I have some notes for future Daily Yak entries, so check back soon!

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