Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hey, look! It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's... Pete!

Rebel Dad strikes again with breaking news of a new at-home dad blog. And not just any blog, it's the digital resurrection of the venerable At-Home Dad Newsletter by Peter Baylies!

As Rebel Dad notes, Pete's been one of the guys behind the effort to organize stay-at-home dads nationally. He edited the newsletter and created the At-Home Dad Network, with its online listserv and listing of playgroups run by dads (which reminds me that I have to send him updated contact info for my own playgroup). Pete, and his newsletter, have also sponsored the annual stay-at-home dad convention in Chicago.

I signed up for Pete's newsletter just in time to be mailed the last print issue (at least I think it was the last one) two or three years ago. He hasn't just been laying on the couch since then either. It looks like Pete has been busy working on a new book that is due out this Fall.

So, even though I know you never really went away, welcome back Pete!

Update: Here's a link to Pete's book, The Stay-At-Home Dad Handbook. Though it will not be released until October, you can pre-order it now on Amazon at a 30% discount.

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