Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Busy, back soon! And thanks!

My apologies again for not posting much the past few weeks. Just been busy with life. :) I should be back on top of things in a day or so.

Meanwhile, I would like to send out a big thank you to the fellow bloggers who have linked to the Daily Yak! Let's see, if I add the number of site links and the number of comment posters, the Daily Yak has now expanded it's readership to a total of 6 people! OK, maybe a few more. I know a few friends and relations read it as well. Thanks to you all, the Daily Yak is now ranked 95,495th on Technorati! Yippee!


In all truthfulness, I'm amazed at the response I've received since creating the Daily Yak last month. I hope it's worth your time and that you'll keep coming back. Please, say "Hi!" if you get the chance, and let me know what you think. Due to the massive amount of fan mail (err... spam), this blog generates, I've setup a new e-mail address: dailyyak [at] louch [dot] org. Feel free to use it, or use the comment links.

OK, enough of the fishing for compliments (you were going to send positive comments weren't you?). I really do want to thank the following bloggers for linking to the Daily Yak:

Rebel Dad - the source for the "stay-at-home dad revolution, online" and the first blog I ever read. He also "outed" my blog on his own last month (I'm sure 5 of my 6 readers came by way of Rebel Dad).

Full Time Father - a fellow at-home dad who just co-founded a nonprofit think tank "to educate lawmakers and the public about the importance of protecting the ability of parents to stay home with their kids."

wilsonworld - the author, Kim, writes a wonderful blog and was the first person I didn't know to leave a comment on the Daily Yak (how did you stumble across my blog, Kim?).

Doggerel Zone - my sister-in-law, Thumper, who's more creative than I am. And she writes poems about my kids!

Daddy Zine - "Days he raises his daughter, nights he traffics in 18th & 19th century first editions and manuscript material." Sounds intriguing, no? A fantastic blog that wound up in my favorites the first time I read it.

Check them out when you have the time!

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