Friday, April 30, 2004

Big Helpers

Finally, having kids is starting to pay off.... They're at that age when they can start to help out around the house!

This morning they helped clear the breakfast dishes off the dining room table. Following lunch, they watered the plants on the front porch, with some supervision from Dad (I've learned, though not well enough, that when there's liquid involved it's best to pay attention to what your kids are doing, but I'll save more on that for another post). And this afternoon, my son helped me load the dishwasher.

Now my daughter is quite observant, and has apparently been taking mental notes on the other cleaning activities that are normally dad's job. A few minutes ago, I caught her with the scrub brush I use to do the dishes. Only she wasn't doing the dishes. She was attempting to clean the toilet! She had the right idea, just the wrong brush. I think I'll be getting a new one for the dishes.


Still, I appreciate the fact that she was, on her own initiative, trying to help with the household chores. Gotta love my big helpers!

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