Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fools!

The little ones came bounding into our bedroom early this morning, all bright and cheerful and full of energy. Our boy announced, loudly, that he needed a clean diaper. Reluctantly, I clambered out of bed vaguely remembering those quiet mornings before we had kids.

While I was up finding a clean diaper I realized that today was April 1st, April Fools Day. I'm not much for really good gags, but as I made my way back to the bed, I glanced out the window and exclaimed, "Look at all the snow!" My wife just rolled her eyes and said, "There can't be snow." She was right, of course. While snow in April is not completely out of the question here in Maryland, the temperature today is in the mid-50's. The kids were much more gullible, rushing to the window and shouting, "Snow! Snow!" I shouted, "April Fools!" but felt a bit guilty. They really like snow.

So, they're a bit disappointed that there isn't any snow, but there is a steady rain falling and that means they get to wear their raincoats and carry umbrellas when we head out to the store later. Umbrellas and mud puddles are almost as much fun as snow. :-)

Speaking of April Fools gags.... Check out Elgoog. That's Google spelled backwards. It even gives search results backwards.

And speaking of Google.... It seems that Yahoo and Hotmail are going to get a run for their money in the free e-mail business. Google plans to start a free web-based e-mail system called gmail. You'll be able to search your archived messages, and keep pretty much all your messages... forever - it comes with 1GB of inbox space! No need to delete anything with a gigabyte of message space, but who really needs all that? FYI - I don't think gmail is an April Fools joke since it was posted on CNET yesterday, but who knows?

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