Monday, March 29, 2004

That Was Fun!

Well, we're back to clouds and cooler temps. And rain is forecast for 3 days this week, but it was nice yesterday.

So yesterday afternoon, in an effort to enjoy the weather, have some family quality time,* and let the kids burn off some energy before dinner, we took the kids up to the bookstore lake again. We walked along the path that circles the lake and basically had a carbon-copy of Friday's activities, except Mommy got to come this time.

While we were there, we noticed that there were some people kayaking in the lake. Galyan's, a sporting goods store in the same shopping center as the bookstore, was sponsoring the Galyan's 4 Adventure Tour yesterday. It's like a sporting goods fair where they let you try all sorts of stuff. One of the activities was kayaking. Apparently, they usually have a huge pool on the tour for the kayak demos, but since this shopping center has the lake, well... you know. So, I filled out the requisite release form and donned a spiffy-looking life jacket and waited for my turn. They told me that if DD3 donned a smaller spiffy-looking life jacket, that she could go with me. DD3, who seems to understand more than she usually lets on, headed straight for the water!

Anyway, DD3 and I got to tool around the lake in a kayak for 10 minutes. It certainly wasn't a Class V rapid, but you should've seen the smile on her face.

*What exactly is quality time? Is some time not quality? I thought time was(is?) just one of the dimensions in our space-time continuum (hey, I like using the word "continuum." Reminds me of Star Trek). "Quality time" makes it sound like it's a product you can purchase at Target or something. Which brings to mind a conversation like this....

Me: "Yes, I'd like to return this time for a refund. I thought it was quality, but it turned out to be defective."
Target employee: "Do you have your receipt?"
Me: "No, my kid ate it."
Target employee: "I'm sorry. We can't give cash refunds without a receipt. But, I can give you a store credit."
Me: "Oh."

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