Friday, March 26, 2004

The correct way to say, Goodbye!

Our weekday morning routine:

-DW?* takes a leisurely shower and gets dressed; by the time she's downstairs...
-I have the kids washed and dressed in coordinating outfits and...
-the table is set with a steaming breakfast of pancakes, omlettes, bacon, sasauge, and hashbrowns...
-her bag is by the front door with the healthy, tasty lunch I've prepared for her to take to work
-the kids and I walk her down to the bus stop as she leaves for the day

Er... wait a minute that was just a dream. Actually, it's more like this:

-DW? takes a quick 3 minute shower and throws on some clothes
-the kids are running around half-naked...
-while I burn a piece of toast for breakfast and get a frozen, microwave dinner for her to take for lunch
-we all meet at the front door and wave goodbye

Yeah, that's more like it. :-/ However, the most important part of the morning routine, at least for DD3**, is the saying of "Goodbye." It has to be done in a very precise manner, like this:

-Mommy steps outside to get the newspaper while we wait at the door
-said newspaper is handed to DD3, who hands it to DS2***, who hands it to Daddy
-Mommy bends down and kisses DD3, followed immediately by a hug and then another kiss
-this is repeated in the same manner with DS2
-and then again with Daddy

This morning we left out that all imortant last step; I only got one kiss. As my wife is walking away, DD3 starts sobbing, "Daddy's hug! Daddy's hug!" My wife walked back and gave me the proper kiss-hug-kiss. The crying stopped instantly and all was right in the world again.

It's important to start the day off right!

*DW? = Dear Wife, otherwise known as Mommy (refuses to disclose age)
**DD3 = Dear Daughter (3 yrs old)
***DS2 = Dear Son (2 yrs old)

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