Friday, March 26, 2004

Ahhh... Spring!

Can it be that Spring is finally here? What a day! Sunny and warm.

Yours truly wanted a book on HTML/CSS (gonna spice up this blog a bit once I know what I'm doing), so the kids and I wandered over to the bookstore. They made a beeline for the children's' section, of course. They probably would've been content to stay there all afternoon but the warmth outside was beckoning to me. Not to mention that running around outside for a while does wonders when it comes time for bed. ;-) Luckily there's a small lake with lots of ducks and geese near the store. And the promise of waterfowl-chasing was enough to tear them away from their books.

We walked over to the lake and watched the geese for a while. The kids wanted to feed them but I forgot the stale bread we keep for such occasions. Besides, they (I'm not exactly sure who "they" are) recently put up a sign asking everyone to stop feeding the birds. They were a little disappointed (not the "they" they, but both the birds and my kids, I imagine).

We stopped at a little playground on the way back. Much chasing around, going down slides and swinging on swings ensued.

Back home, I just couldn't bring myself to cook dinner, so now we're waiting for the pizza delivery guy. Maybe will go eat outside on the deck. :-) Welcome back, springtime!

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